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(I posted the following on /r/godot on Reddit first, but based on all the posts I am seeing there, that might be wrong audience).

I am going through the process for the first time of creating a custom Godot build and creating custom export templates for Android.

[DISCLAIMER: I am not a low-level/compilation/C/C++ fundi, so you should please correct me if I am being too naive]

While the process is not impossible, it is rather a lot of extra headache if all you want to do is focus on coding and creating your game.

Throughout the process, I noticed that (at least, so it seems) for each feature that you compile (i.e. those not excluded, e.g. in custom.py), there is a library (.a) file

What I am envisaging is that all the .a files, for each of the features, are precompiled for each architecture with the release and that there is a toolset that allows the user to choose the desired features, and then simply links those libraries into an object file, thus eliminating the need for the end user to build all those library files themselves.

(i.e. have the feature libraries centrally hosted; perhaps the tool to link them and let the user download them can even be hosted online?)

Do you think is is achievable?

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