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I want to add checkpoints to my game, but I can't find a collision object able to get through it to trigger an event. I'm using a KineticBody2D for this, I tried using Area2D with body_entered but didn't work, and I tried to make StaticBody2D passable, but didn't work. What's the best way to do this?

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Area2D should work. What's your code like?

And what does mean "didn't work"? No mindreaders around, be specific please.

I tried using the signal body_entered with Area2D using connect() and the console says that from expected 0 arguments, 5 arguments were added

So you added 5 arguments? If you're connecting from the Area2D node, it should look like this:
connect("body_entered", node_you_want_to_connect_to, "on_checkpoint_entered_or_something")

Yeah, when I put something like that, the console throws me an error saying 0 arguments expected but called with 1 or sometimes says that are 5 arguments

What does your code look like, exactly?

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