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I am trying to get an area and spawn enimies within. I think my code should work the only problem I have is that the varibles high and low are obviously not interger's so I can't get a random number from it or use it as a position, if anyone could help me fix that or make a better way to spawn enimies would be very helpful.

#when player enters the area
func _on_Area2D_body_entered(body):
    $Camera2D.current = true #the camarea switches to the one the player is in
    var center = $Area2D/CollisionShape2D.position
    var width = $Area2D/CollisionShape2D.shape.extents
    var high = center + width 
    var low = center - width 
    num = randi()%7+1 #picks a number between 1-7
    for i in range(num): # spwans in num eniemies
        # spawns enimies in the range of the area
        enemy_instance.position.x = randi()%high+low
        enemy_instance.position.y = randi()%low+high
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A) round high and low to get integers?
B) use functions to get random eg. with rand_range

do you mean like this:

    enemy_instance.position.x = rand_range(high, low)
    enemy_instance.position.y = rand_range(low, high)

because I still get this error: Invalid type in built-in function 'rand_range'. Cannot convert argument 1 from Vector2 to float.

So fix it instead of writing here ;) center is Vector2, so high and low are too..
Correct it by:

var x_high: float = center.x + width 
var x_low: float = center.x - width 
var y_high: float = center.y + width 
var y_low: float = center.y - width 

Thank you so much I started to get the error Invalid operands 'float' and 'Vector2' in operator '+'. so I mannuly set the width value as for some reason it doesn't like to add them together at it worked

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Thank you to Reloecc for answering the question

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