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I've been trying to import a 3D model i got from internet, is only a 3D model without animation, I've read some tutorials, but godot's UI isn't the same so i get very confuse.

So I managed To import as a Mesh my model, but cant attach it to my skeleton.
Is the skeleton the right node to attach it?
Is it by Scripting?

Thank you!! :D

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won't it be better to import it in blender (free and small, easy install), and then export it to collada?

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When you just have a Mesh resource (.msh) without animation, you have to use the MeshInstance node. Skeleton is designed for animated models.

Create a MeshInstance in your scene and assign its mesh property with drag and drop, or click on it to load your mesh in it.

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hey Zylann you made any 3D game ? i see you know alot about godot

I made some prototype to test how 3D works with Godot, but I mostly know about 2D because 3D is going to be revamped.

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