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I have found out how to get the path to the current script:


I would like something similar to the above,. but for the path to the current scene.

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Alright so you can simply go to a scene like this

get_tree().change_scene("res:// LOCATION OF SCENE")

For example get_tree().change_scene("res://MainScenes/Enemy.tscn" ) will take me to Enemy Scene. Of course it was just an example.

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For future, this kind of "clarifying" question should be posted as a Comment, not an Answer.

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I have multiple scenes, when I press the "Back" button in the game, I want to be able to change scene to the last scene before the current scene.
So, before I do gettree().changescene() I want to store the path to the current scene in a global.array, so that in a future scene I can return to the last scene stored in the global.array.

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As above, this too should be a Comment, not an Answer. Otherwise, people looking at the forum overview page may ignore the question as it already appears to have been answered.

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Nodes have a filename property. If a node is the root of a scene instance (like the current "scene" is), filename will contain the path to the scene file.

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