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Hi everyone,

I wonder if maybe someone had a similar problem once.
Holding down my button creates a timer which sends a signal after 1 second.

func _process(delta):
    timer += delta
    if Input.is_action_pressed("mousebuttonclick"):
        if timer >= 1.0 and not being_pressed:
            being_pressed = true
            print("button held for 1.0 secs")

The signal starts an animation above the button, a bar filling up. The idea is: releasing the button within the first second opens a popup#1, holding it until the bar is full will open a popup#2.
The process can be canceled which will interrupt the filling-animation, replacing it with a "canceled"-animation (the bar blinking shortly).
Both popups and the fill-bar-animations are all packed in their own scenes.

All this works smootly until I once hold the button for popup#2 to open. After closing this popup, when klicking and holding the button again, the counter starts, the print shows up, but the fill-bar-animation does not. (This problem does not occur with popup#1.)
Cancelling, however, will show the blinking animation and only after that a new press/hold shows the fill-bar-animation again as it should be! (Until opening popup#2 again...)

I have no idea what could cause that omitting the animation at that point. Is the signal not being sent? Is it not received? Some loop somewhere not finished?
I tried get_node("FillupAnimPlayer").stop(true), different signal paths, pushing a very short "invisible"-animation in between, timer = 0 in places... nothing helped.

Does this seem familiar? Suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Well, for all who might stumble over the same problem: I just replaced all the little animations with new ones and voilĂ , problem solved.

I'm not sure why, but it might be connected to my copying the whole project-folder (keeping the original as a backup I won't touch anymore, which I regularly do albeit not having caused such troubles yet). Maybe the animation player got confused...?

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You should probably take the time to get to know Git (or other SCM software). That would make managing various versions of a project simple, allow you to easily move between different versions, tests, and experiments - as well as serve as a cloud-based backup.

Well worth the time investment IMO...

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it!

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