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What are Godot web-site Points used for, and what is the purpose of it?

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There was no "Website" category, so I put this question into Gossip. If this changes I will update this question.

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will godot website have shop to spend points? :)

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I hope no! (plus that's not an answer, it's a question :P )
You should add that as a question
oops. sorry.
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They're for bragging rights. It's a competition (possibly to the death) to be the most helpful member!

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Game theory in action :P
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They give (or should give) more permissions to more helpful members!

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Akien said on IRC that only the points were divided by 10 (to make the values smaller over time, even though we can easily go back to having multiples of 10 points), but not the permission thresholds.

If we keep it like this, it means that gaining more permissions is 10 times harder than in a vanilla Question2Answer installation.
I just checked and currently there is no permission set to be enabled automatically for users with enough points (it can be done however). However admins can already assign moderators and "experts", who are special users with some more permissions.
@Akien, maybe we should set them up, as it would be tedious for admins otherwise. (plus, one human element less to worry about..)
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