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I'm trying to export a simple plane with a set of PBR textures from blender 2.8 to godot, here how's shown in blender
enter image description here

and here how's show in godot
enter image description here

I'm ok with a little difference, after all every program is different, but this is unnaceptable.

I know it's not the exporter, because another viewers of gltf files load it correctly, like this on the web
enter image description here

I even tried the same test HDR background for illumination, and doesn't seem to make a lot of difference, this is the shaders that I'm using in blender
enter image description here

the texture set is this one:

has color, normals, metallic, roughness, like it should.

So, what I'm doing wrong?

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This was a bug on 3.2, in the latest version it was fixed.

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