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I would like to draw Bezier curves with a start, end, and a couple of control points (so Cubic Bezier curves).

As a part of this, I'll need to be able to ascertain whether the mouse is over the line (so that it changes color, indicating to the user that it is selectable).

I know the geometric Line primitive has no width - so I assume this is to be done with an Area2D which has a defined CollisionPolygon2D which closely follows the line except slightly wider (to create an actual area), then move a "hidden" object under the mouse which would trigger the line?

That sounds very convoluted and I was wondering if that's the right way or if there's a better way. Thank you!

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Just get the code from here
Convert it to gd script
Check the result against a virtual width

If distance_to_line(px,py,x1,y1,x2,y2) < my_proximity:
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Thank you very much, this is awesome! I will use this to calculate the mouse proximity :)

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