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I am making a mechanic where if you press "c" once, it leaves a ghost of yourself at your position at the moment, which is just a sprite. If you press "c" again, you warp back to that ghosts position. I have it set up where when you press "c", the ghost scene is instanced at the players position, but when I press "c" again to set it's position back to the ghost's, it sets its position at the parent scene, not the instanced scene. Any ideas?

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Hi! can you share some of your code? its hard to know what is happening without seeing code.

Actually I just ended up doing it a different way thanks.

How about sharing what you did as the answer for other's to learn?

I didn't get anything as the answer, I still don't know how to get the position of an instance. I just stopped instancing the scene, and instead just made the ghost not visible until you press 'c', then warping the player to the ghost's global position.

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Node2D and Spacial nodes have a position and globalposition vector. The position is relative to their parent, while the globalposition is its position in "world" coordinates. So you probably should use the global_position property. Also, don't add the child node to the player or any other node that can move. When I need to add a node dynamically like this I create a parent node - like "projectiles", or "ghosts" here - and add the node to it.

Hope this helps.

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