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I'm having an issue where I have set all of the mouse filters for all of my controls to "Pass", but some of them are still blocking mouse input from reaching other controls. Specifically in the scene tree posted below, WarMessageBox is blocking InventoryUIManager from getting mouse input. InventoryUIManager has mouse_entered signals that fire when WarMessageBox is not there, but stop firing when I add it back in. I have set the mouse filter for WarMessageBox to pass along with its grid and background. Is there something else I am missing here?

Scene Tree

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Input events will only be passed upwards in the node hierarchy, so they will be handed to CanvasLayer, UIManager and InventoryTest but won't reach any of their children. If you want that, you've to code that yourself.

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I have duplicated your scene as much as possible with the given information and had the same issue. (The script I attached to InventoryUIManager did not have it's mouse_enter signal triggered.) When I set the mouse filter for WarMessageBox and it's children to Ignore, it worked. Try doing the same to see if that helps. If not, we'll need more information about the scene setup to make more suggestions.

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