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Could you please elaborate on what you mean by "help each other to create it"? If you mean project management, I would suggest agreeing on how the file structure should look for the project, how the scenes should be setup, how the GDscript/C# syntax should look, and how version control should be handled. I would also suggest looking at the best practices section of the official documentation.

Sorry for making it confusing, what I meant was that how my friend and I could work in the same project.

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I'm not too sure but you could use github to create the proyect repository there and then invite your friend and make him able to push changes too. So in order to have the same "proyect version" you need to download(pull) the changes from the repository every time a change has been pushed.
Another way to have everything always syncronized is using something like Mega app to automaticcly download and upload everything that changes for exameple a script or a new sprite.
- Version control with teams
- Cloud storage with sync app

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Use git.

git - is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.

You, or your friend, can make changes to the code, push them to the repository.
And when you use git pull. You will receive in your local copy the changes they made

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