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Is there any calendar class or feature in godot that allows me to list the months and days we have, also taking in account for each year; so that it is not always 31 days in a month, or 30, and so on.

I have no idea how to do that myself, as the days and months, why the days per month each year changes is practically arbitrary to me.

If there is no such feature; I hope to see it implemented in the future. Better yet, I would love to see a node button that can display a calendar like this;

Until then I am looking for a way to manually create a calendar class that can list up each 12 months and each day each month (which changes year to year).

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you could create a plugin for this:


It should be not very difficult


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As a side note, such a calendar could be based on a general purpose Date object. There is no such thing in Godot yet :/

I am already working on a plugin for a custom node; however I would like to see this officially implemented :)

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