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I am porting one of my old games to godot.
It has a virtual infinite terrain, that is constructed of many different shaped 'tiles'.
These tiles are sized horizontal 32 to 64 pixels and vertical between 6 and 64 pixels.
So under curtain circumstances it's possible to have have more than 8800 'tiles' on screen at the same moment.
These tiles have no other properties, beside being visible.(no collision or such)
Now my old game blitted a row of tiles on one side, hardware-scrolled (and wrapped) the screen in the opposite direction; ready.(up to 1 screen/second.)
I'm tempted to use a TileMap. Though it would require some fancy coding, to get al those different shapes in the wright place.
One possible problem is the scrolling. Is it better to use a camera or update the position of the parent of the TileMap?
And... can this scrolling be limitless? I mean; will memory be depleted, or the position pointer be set to zero someplace, or such?
And other bottleneck could possibly be the speed at witch the cells can be replaced.
So I'm looking with a crooked eye at other ways to do this, but I know not enough of the workings of godot, to come up with something fast enough.
So any advice in any shape or form will be much appreciated.

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