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I have a question about GODOT.
Does any of you know how well GODOT works for non-game mobile apps? I already tried to find any answer, but the most recent ones are more than two years old and since an engine is usually being extended, I donĀ“t know if the criticism is still valid.

If my app matters, it is going to be a little countdown app with other functions like discussions, therefore my app is probably going to need good UI as well as networking.
Will GODOT suit my needs?

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Probably not. A game engine re-renders the screen every frame and for an App you don't want that. A proper framework that is intended for Apps will most likely be more better for battery life.

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Could you recommend any framework? (If there is anything that is similar to GODOT, please recommend it) Apparently Unity is good but I dislike the unremovable splash screen.

If your platform is iOS/Mac then XCode and the UI framework it provides should be good. For cross platform Xamarin could be an option.

Unity is also a game engine so it has the same advantages/disadvantages as Godot.

Naturally, everything depends on your current skill set and what framework you plan on spending time to learn. If you're planning to strengthen your app dev skills then investigating XCode / Android Studio / Xamarin would be beneficial. If you are aiming to become a game developer then Unity / Godot is good to learn.

Look at React Native, NativeScript and Ionic Framework (in no particular order).

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