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Just like the cinematic chaos destruction effects in ue4, can it be done in godot by any add-ons or changes in the source code

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Unfortunately, there is no such system.

But its pretty easy to do manually:

Just get the object you want to destroy into blender,
enable the cell fracture addon,
duplicate it and cell fracture the duplicate.

Now import both versions into Godot and write a script for the original object
that replaces itself with the cell fractured version after it gets hit.

Thats the easiest way to make things like buildings and walls destroyable, as far as I know.

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Thanks a lot. But I think there must have a better answer.

Nope, I think their answer is right on the money. If you think it can be done in Godot (probably could using a Node with some crazy gdscript + exports) then do so. The easiest way to do so is to do as the answer says, as even if you could do it in Godot there'd be performance limitations (unless you can bake custom nodes in some way, still learning such things myself).

Thanks a lot. That's a great idea to make a new node.

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