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I have a parent-Node2D with an image; on witch I draw and use setpixel etc.
It has a childe-Node2D, witch is almost the same as it parent.
Now, how can the child use the functions of the parent, so they draw in the child instead?

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By connecting to it's draw signal, so the functions can be called at the right time.

extends Node2D # Parent node

func _ready():
    $child.connect("draw", self, "draw_on_child")

func draw_on_child():
    $child.draw_circle(Vector2(), 30.0, Color.green)
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First: Thank you.
Second: Nope I don't get it.
I'm guessing 'drawonchild' tells the 'drawcircle-function in the child-node' to work?
I thought all draw-functions had to be in _draw()?
Well... I fiddled a bit, and now the child can draw circles on the parent. (most parents wouldn't like that! HA!) But I want the child to tell the parent to draw on the child.
I was perhaps not clear enough in my question?
Let's say I have a bunch of functions in some node (parent or otherwise). As a kind of library of useful stuff.
I can use them from other nodes via get
node(someplace). But (in my case(so far)) I can only get them to change data. Not draw stuff in the node that calls them.
I'm still baffled, so probably avencherus's answer is correct.

edit: why is my text oblique? Strange thing are going on...

edit too: I'm sure avencherus's answer is accurate but my question was questionable?.

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adding a little example:
in the parent;

func point(img:Image, start:Vector2 , color:Color):
img.set_pixel(start.x , start.y , color)

in the child:

func _ready() -> void:
image = Image.new()
image.create(imageSize.x, imageSize.y, false, imageFormat) 
imageTexture = ImageTexture.new()
imageTexture.create(imageSize.x,imageSize.y, imageFormat, 0)    
$parent.point(image,Vector2(10,10) , Color(1,1,0),22)

doesn't work...
If I call to a similar function in the child self: it works.
edit: pasted in a bit more code

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