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Hello everyone I was wondering if Godot and a node based coding system like unreal 4 were you don't have to code also is there any tutorials on it if there is

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There's a Visual Scripting feature akin to Unreal's Blueprint, but that'll be on 2.2. You can try it now if you download the source and compile the engine yourself, otherwise you'll have to wait for some time.

Note that making a game without coding is not the purpose of Godot, not even with the new visual scripting feature. Godot is very flexible and that requires to pass responsibility for the game developer to make some of the logic. Visual scripting is a tool to help programmers and designers to work together without depending too much of each other to do trivial tweaks.

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ok thanks also were is the link for the tool

There is no link yet, as vnen said Godot 2.2 is still in development. The only way to try the tool earlier is to get the sources from Github and compile the editor youself.

Or you can download it at http://fixnum.org/godot/

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