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So I try to run my game and it takes me to my player script saying at the bottom “Attempt to call function ‘play’ in base ‘null instance’ on a null instance.” in the Errors tab it says “get_node: Node not found: Body/Body.” The Body/body is a animated sprite in a node 2D.
This was working and when I was trying to test something else this happened. I tried removing that one thing but it happens for all my calls involving animated sprite. The code that’s not working is:”$BODY/Body.play(“ ”). My version of Godot is 3.2

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This error always means that you have an incorrect node path. I suspect it may be a spelling error, since you've spelled the path 3 different ways in your post: "Body/Body", "Body/body", and "BODY/Body". Are you certain you've spelled the node names correctly in your code?

You can also post a picture of your scene setup so we can see what you're actually working with.

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