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TextEdit don't support BBCode, but i need a node in wich i can type during the game and that support BBCode to add images...etc

Already tried:

-make an invisible TextEdit in wich I type, then i change the RichTextLabel text to it, this works great but the problem is that I don't have a cursor and making one seems a bit hard as get_font("font").get_string_size(text) is not consistent, when I type a lot, the cursor start to go too far.
And using this method would mean that I miss a lot of TextEdit features...

I know i could be working with a preview system but if i could do without it I'd be much happier

thanks if you took the time to read ! (and sry if the writting is not good i'm french)

asked Jul 21 in Engine by Giiltham (23 points)

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