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I was just finishing work for today and for some reason this appeared to me, i really don't know why, here's the code:

onready var sensorFrontRight = get_node("RayCasts/RayCastFrontRight")

    if sensorFrontRight.cast_to(0, 0, sensorFrontLength) && reversing != true:
        if sensorFrontRight.is_colliding():
            avoiding = true
            avoidMultiplier -= 1.0

the node is a RayCast and on the documentation it's says i can use the method cast_to but at the same time it isn't working, what am i missing here?

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cast_to is a property not a method ... so

sensorFrontRight.cast_to = Vector3(0, 0, sensorFrontLength)

and you have to call forceraycastupdate( ) for immediate response

sensorFrontRight.cast_to = Vector3(0, 0, sensorFrontLength)
sensorFrontRight.force_raycast_update( ) 
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oh, that makes sense, thanks!

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