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I'm trying to implement a system where the player can have custom animations, and it's supplied to the engine through a folder in the user:// directory as a sprite sheet. I'm trying to make a preview icon next to the player select that only displays the first frame of an animation. The preview icon is a TextureRect.

In order for it to work I need to be able to cut the image programatically, however, three hours of google searching led me to nothing, so I ask: is there a way to do this in GDScript?

Thanks in advance

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You can do this and it works:
First, change the TextureRect to a sprite. Turn on the region and set it to the size of your Sprite in the sprite sheet.


Call the Sprite, get the "rect" property, and set the first 2 numbers to the position where you want it. Then, the last 2 numbers are the size of the rect.
This is a simple way of doing this.

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I like your answer, and I think this would work for sure. However, because my UI is supposed to be dynamic, like when the screen size and/or resolution changes, the UI is supposed to scale accordingly. I'm currently looking into AtlasTextures to see if I am able to do what I wish to do using that, if you have any thoughts on how that might work.

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