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I currently try to recreate in Godot a prototype that I implemented earlier in Game Maker Studio 2, and I'm having a hard time achieving with 2x2 autotile same result as I had with the similar feature in GMS2.

In GMS2 16-tile autotile mode allows (and even limits) you to draw with 3x3 brush like this:

As you can see on the image above, this allows to have gaps between such 3x3 chunks, since they have been drawn with separate mouse clicks on non-neighboring cells, thus autotiling didn't connect them to each other.
This effect allows you to create very neat natural-looking cracks in walls like this:

However in Godot 2x2 autotile mode doesn't have such "limitation" and allows you to draw with 1-cell brush, substituting tiles with appropriate ones only as soon as you reach the minimal required chunk:

Unfortunately this way the smallest gaps you can have - are whole empty cells, because anything smaller than that is immediately substituted by autotiling with solid cells:

Does anyone have ideas how to achieve the same result as in GMS2 other than drawing gaps tile-by-tile manually?

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Two options:
-Use multiple tile maps layered on top of each other.
-Extend/modify the behavior of the tile map autotile code and possibly contribute it back to the game engine as a new feature.

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