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Is there a tool or a script that would allow me to set up materials smarter way than slaving it away drag and dropping files one by one hundreds times?

I have a lot of meshes, lots of different materials and each material have Substance Painter-generated texture sets for Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, AO, Anisotropy and Normal.

At the moment i have around 200 png files to install in godot's materials. DOing it one by one wont work for me. I have to much work to do - both creative work in this project and for daily job to waste time with such mindless chores. Thats just demotivating. Hence im looking for a tool or script to do it smarter, becouse i know i will have much more of such task to do in future whenever i will add new content.

Im sure there is a way to automate it, cause all textures get names generated by Substance that tells exactly to what material they should be inserted and to what kind of texture's slot (albedo, metallic etc). So when names are like:

for example: mymaterial3_Albedo.png

script would have to check folder in resources for textures that include material's name set in godot. Then insert them accordingly, moving mymaterial3_Albedo.png texture into Albedo texture slot for mymaterial3 in inspector, and so on for all found textures with matching names, so mymaterial3_Metallic.png would go into metallic texture slot in mymaterial3 material in inspector.

Im suprised Godot have no apparent way to automate this process, cause its just hell to do manually, and should be relatively easy to script for someone familiar with programming and godot's script.

If you know where to get such tool/script please let me know. Or any tips for writing it myself would be godsent. Im not a programmer and im relatively new in Godot so all tips will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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