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And by that I mean it doesn’t even show up. I have the latest stable version of Blender, as updated by Steam, and I need to create assets for my game project, Nach, in the latest version of Godot. I’ve tried the one directly from Git and I’ve tried the one available on the Godot website.

Apparently Better Collada Exporter is the very best option for exporting assets to Godot. If only the plugin would actually install on Blender. I’ve tried all the methods to try and install the plugin (which includes installing it via the user settings, manually dragging and dropping the files to the addon folder in the installation directory, manually dragging and dropping the files to the addon folder in %APPDATA% > Roaming > Blender).

One of two things happen:
1- The addon shows up in the addon list and can be activated, but there is a warning on the addon that it will only work on the latest version of Blender and doesn’t show up at all in the export menu.
2- Better Collada is missing in exporter tab

Blender Version: 2.80

..:: Credits To Tattorack..::

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The upstream Better Collada add-on hasn't been updated for Blender 2.8 yet. Look into using one of the forks such as this one.

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use gltf 2.0 !!!

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Another functional fork:

But gltf is way better.

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