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So this is the code for the portal that I did to to get the player from world1 to world2 to world_n.
extends Area2D

export(String, FILE, "*.tscn") var world_next

func onworldnextbodyentered(body):
if body.name=="Player":

What happens in the debug window each time the player enters the collision box of the portal:
E 0:00:11.567 load: Resource file not found: res://.
<C++ Error> Condition "!file
check->fileexists(ppath)" is true. Returned: RES()
<C++ Source> core/io/resourceloader.cpp:282 @ _load()
next.gd:7 @ onworldnextbody_entered()

I just get this everytime I get in the portal. The thing is I tried to do this without the "export" command, a different script for each level, and it works.
Please help. Sorry if it's dumb but I just don't get it.

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From your question I guess


should be :


also make sure you actually select the .tscn file (The next world where you want the player to go) from the inspector window under Script Variables

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yes, i don't know why but the underlines don't appear here. they are in the original script.
I always choose the next world from the inspector window. I don't understand. Is there any other way to change between levels? Like a different command...?

As far as I know this should work just fine. I am not sure why the console says that the resource file was not found. Did you try restarting the engine ? Strange

So I spent 4-5 hours yesterday to figure out why it doesn't work, BUT I didn't think about restarting godot... I just opened it right now and it works. The strange ways of technology...
Thanks for the answer anyway.

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