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So I'm currently running a modified version of Godot engine and have noticed that my win64 builds are unsigned with windows popping up the "Windows protected your PC" smart screen prompt.

I think that this signing needs to be done when building the export template?

I'd like to add codesigning to my pipeline to avoid this in the future; though I haven't found any information on it and am unfamiliar with scons or desktop application signing in general.

Any suggestions, tips, etc? Self-guided links are probably enough; I just haven't found any information


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You can make Godot use signtool (on Windows) and osslsigncode (on all platforms) to sign Windows export templates when exporting them. See https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/32556 for more information.

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Fantastic. I was hoping to find a solution that wouldn't require an extra manual step post-export. Hopefully this will slot into my build pipeline nicely :)

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