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When my player object (kinematic body) is in contact with the barriers I set up (collisionShape2D nodes), it screws up the collision with enemy mobs and stops them from despawning on contact. This is my first project and I have no clue what could be causing this.

This is my collision code on my player node:

var collision_check = move_and_collide(motion * delta)
# Check for collision with enemies
if collision_check != null && collision_check.collider.is_in_group("Targets"):
    take_damage(self, collision_check.collider.contact_damage)

VIdeo of bug

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For any interested, added collision check to enemy objects, replaced player movement and collision detection (move and collide) with move and slide. Seems to have fixed all the collision issues i was having.

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Make the barriers of type StaticBody2D and add CollisionShape2D as a child to them.

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That didn't solve the issue unfortunately. Forgot to mention that the nodes were children of a rigidbody, testing with a staticbody as a parent didn't change anything.

Oh no, the player is one scene and the barrier is one too. Then you instance them both in one world scene.

Created the barrier in a separate scene and instanced it just now, still didn't work. Same behavior :/

I'm reading through a reddit post, and it sounds like moveandcollide() only returns one of the colliding objects at a time, which could explain what issue i'm having. Trying to find an alternate way of checking for collisions to see if it helps

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