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I am using the GraphNode and dynamically adding it to a GraphEdit via drag/drop. Each GraphNode represents some data in an underlying object called Persona. The GraphNode contains a TextEdit, a Label, an ItemList and an invisible WindowDialog.

I use the ItemList within the GraphNode to allow the user to choose actions on the GraphNode (edit or remove).

# this function pops up dialogs based on selections from am item list
func _on_ItemList_item_selected(index: int) -> void:
    # Edit the persona information in the node via a popup
    if(index == 0): 
        $PersonaProps.dialogMode = 1
        $PersonaProps.inputId = int($lblId.text)
    # delete the node after confirmation
    if(index == 1):

When the user chooses Edit from the ItemList (0), I popup a modal WindowDialog where they can update the underlying Persona object. When the user saves the information in the modal dialog and it closes, I emit a global signal that invokes a function in the GraphNode to update the TextEdit and the Label.
(Note that I am doing a lot of print statements for troubleshooting purposes, and the results are all positive, in other words the node contents are updating)

# this function is called by a global signal when the node needs refreshing     
func _persona_refresh(personaId) -> void:
    print("Refreshing existing Persona :" + String(personaId))

# this function reloads the information in the graphnode from the persona object
func _load_persona(personaID:int):
    persona = Persona.new()
    $txtDescription.text = persona.persdesc
    self.title = persona.persname
    $lblId.text = String(persona.id)

My problem is that the new information does not display in the GraphNode after calling personarefresh. If I remove the node and re-add it to the GraphEdit, the new information shows up.

I have tried various ways to manually update the GraphNode at the end of the loadpersona function call, including:
- update()
- get_parent().update()
- hide() then show()
- resizing the control
but to no avail. Has anyone else had this issue? What else can I try? Is there something wrong with my architecture?

Thank you for any help you can give.

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