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I've got a multiplayer game, and I'm using the linux dedicated server binary to run it on a headless machine.

When I run the server windowed on either Linux or Windows, everything is fine. But when I run it via the headless server binary on Linux, I get a ton of these error messages when loading into the level:

ERROR: instance_set_use_lightmap: Condition "lightmap_instance->base_type != VisualServer::INSTANCE_LIGHTMAP_CAPTURE" is true.
   At: servers/visual/visual_server_scene.cpp:713.

The main problem being, it appears I'm leaking a lot of SOMETHING, and only with this dedicated server binary. I'm leaking about 43MB per level load.

I'm using BakedLightMap and I think 43MB about makes sense for that data. But I can't be sure. (The SCN files with the baked light maps are slightly larger in total than 43MB at 49.1MB)

So my main question is, how does the dedicated server binary handle the visual assets, has anyone had experience with it leaking them?

Updated: It's not the light map, removed it and it's still leaking.
Profiled on Windows and windows is 100% not leaking.

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