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Hi guys,
I know this question may sound silly, but I am an unexperienced programmer.
I am trying to code something that should create and show a button over a Panel.
Here is what i've tried :

extends Panel

func _ready():
    var button1 = Button.new()

But it doesn't work and I don't even see the button1 variable in the debugger tab.
Do you know what I've done wrong ?
Sorry if this is stupid and thanks for your help.

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You forgot to add the button to the scene tree


func _ready():

'... 'is a placeholder for the code you already wrote in your question

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Everything in the node hierarchy has to be child of a node. Try to insert add_child(button1) once button1 is prepared before show it. Possibly show() is not needed.

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It worked !
Thanks again for your help, it's very appreciated.

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