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It's come across my mind to create a game that uses the debug window as a game mechanic, a second layer to the game if you will, but I've also noticed that if you try to interact with the game, it crashes. Is it possible to make it so the player can type in the debug console without crashing it?

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The debug-window is not present, if you release your game without debug-option.
You can make your own "debug-window" ingame.

Here is a nice tutorial:

How to make a Debug Console in Godot by Gonkee (Youtube)

You DON'T want to release with debug!

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Oh, I didn't know that was a thing. what I meant by debug window was using the windows commandline debug menu, that launches side by side with the game, or is it not possible to use that window?

As far as i know there is now way to get information from that windows. You can just print() to it and see errors and warnings.
Don't use it as a mechanic. trust me ;)

Will do, stick to in-game debug menu, got it

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