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I am looking at creating a rather robust tilemap that goes beyond edge and corners, and clicking back and forth is incredibly time consuming. Any help is appreciated!

Is there a way to have shortcut keys select which tile/next tile/previous tile I lay down as I click?


Is there a way to set a sequence of tiles? So if I click and drag it will place id 1-8 in sequence?


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While this is a great tutorial it does not answer my question. I understand that autotile can auto place edges and corners and fills, but it doesn’t let me set a sequence of tiles. For example, if I want to make slopes spanning over 4 tiles I have to place one tile at a time to get the order I want.

My guess is that for that type of custom functionality you will need to make a plugin: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/plugins/gdnative/gdnative-c-example.html

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