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I thought I read somewhere that Godot had support for Vector2Int (or at least plans for it). There's certainly places in the API where it would make more sense than returning floating point values.

Does anyone know which version this will be part of? I want to determine how much time to put into my own "coordinates" type.

asked Jun 1 in Engine by JimArtificer (852 points)

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It's already been implemented in the master branch:

It will be included in the 4.0 release. I haven't seen anything about backporting it to a 3.2 release.

answered Jun 1 by kidscancode (17,772 points)
selected Jun 1 by JimArtificer

Thanks. They went with a strange choice for the actual name. Do you know if 4.0 will include swapping existing APIs that should be returning integers to the new type?

i is consistent with other naming such as randi() or wrapi().

I haven't spent too much time digging into it yet, as the stability hasn't been high. I'm waiting until it gets closer to beta.

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