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Hello, I'm new to Godot and programming in general. I've been following this tutorial on Zenva and have put in the code exactly to make the enemy move back and forth. However, I keep on getting this error:

Invalid set index 'x' (on base: 'Vector2') with value of type 'Nil'

This is the code that I wrote (pretty much copied but yeah...). If anyone can help me, please try to explain it in the most basic terms possible.

extends Area2D

export var speed : int = 100
export var moveDist : int = 100

onready var startX : int = position.x
onready var targetX : int = position.x + moveDist

func _process (delta):
    position.x = move_to(position.x, targetX, speed * delta)
    if position.x == targetX:
        if targetX == startX:
            targetX = position.x + moveDist
            targetX = startX

# moves "current" towards "to" at a rate of "step"
func move_to (current, to,step):
    var new = current

    # are we moving positive?
    if new < to:
        new += step 
        if new > to:
            new = to
        #are we moving negative?
            new -= step 
            if new < to:
                new = to            
        return new
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Try moving last 5 lines of move_to one intendation to the left. Now the function doesn't return anything if new >= to

Thank you so much! That's exactly what it was.

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