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I am making a Minecraft-like voxel game and I ran into a problem. I want to make caves completely dark, but on the surface I want to have soft shadows. How do I do that? Is there some sort of alternative lighting engine?

asked May 20 in Engine by russiniet (44 points)

Have you tried a GIProbe with interior on?

Yes, it doesn't solve the problem or maybe I am using it wrong

The minecraft lightning system comes from the simplicity of the game, so when the game calculated and renders every voxel has a light property(to the whole object), if you want the lighting system to work that way in godot i think you need to use a special shader for it(tho i dont really know shaders so i wont be much of a help here)

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I also encountered the same problem,
If you know,
please tell me

answered May 22 by kyla (26 points)
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