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Edit: I just updated my NVIDIA driver and Godot started working normally, I hope it doesn't choke itself up again.

I have a corsair Vengance with a GeForce RTX 2070 and the first few times I have launched godot it worked perfectly fine but now every time I close and open in or restart my computer the program takes longer and longer to start and won't even have a window come up when I play the scene. I tried deleting the %appdata% folder and using other versions but same issue persists.

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This sounds more like a RAM issue, are there any other programs running or is the game running anything externally?

Just to remind you, updating the Nvidia driver fixed it as of now but I was guessing that it was reserving space in my ram and not freeing it up, but would restarting not free it up? it's a mystery. if it happens again I might look into getting a log of it's boot.

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