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I want the appended text of a RichTextLabel to start from the bottom, have the text move upward, and only have a scrollbar visible once the top most line disappears from view. My current approach is using \n in the first text so it'll be at the bottom, but the current issue is figuring out how to activate the scroll bar when that line disappears from the top. Since the text can vary, it has to detect when a scroll bar would be necessary.

The closest I see that might work is get_total_character_count(). If this is the only way, what would be the best way to use it?

Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but the appended text repeats itself on the first line of the Label for some reason after using \n to make it appear closer to the bottom. This can be fixed by typing in a blank space in the Bbcode property, but I was wondering if anyone knew why this happens.


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What I did was kind of a trick. I put a rich text label ontop that has a custom minimium size t hat's however high you need. So when a new text is entered it starts from the bottom. It's a good illusion trick.

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