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Hi all!

I'm really frustrated with this simple problem I have. I hope someone can give me good advice!

I am generating my sprite sheets with Blender and then touch them up with Asesprite. I really like this workflow and gives me my desired result. Now there is one problem. I would like to use multiple sprite sheets to animate one character, for example; running, walking. idle, and some attacks.

What I thought was perfect; using the animatedSprite and making my different animations with multiple sprite sheets and then use them in the animationTree. because I really would like to use the animationStateMachine

I tried a lot to achieve this but without succes...

Many thanks in advance!

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Same problem

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There may be a simpler and more efficient way, but why don't you just use several "Sprites"?

If all your sprites are children of a parent node, their position will be the same if you move the parent and not the sprites themself.

  • Character

    • Sprite1 (Animation1)
    • Sprite2 (Animation2)
    • Sprite3 (Animation3)

Moving the parent node "Character" will move all children.

And you can "hide()" and "show()" the children at same time you start playing the animation of the visible sprite. In that case, you will need to show only one sprite and hide all the others.

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