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My code looks like this:

onready var amount = 20
onready var coin = preload("res://coin.tscn").instance()

func _drop():

        for i in range(amount):
            amount -= 1


When this func is executed, it prints "coin" 20 times, but only add one child instance.

What do I have to do to add 20 children?

Thank you.

asked May 11 in Engine by gubbebubbe (26 points)

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Try this: (untested)

onready var amount = 20
onready var coin = preload("res://coin.tscn")

func _drop():

        for i in range(amount):
            var new_coin = coin.instance()
            print("coin: ", new_coin.name)
            # the nodename might help to debug


I dont think you want to decrease amount in the loop. This will probaly give you bugs, if you use _drop() a second time.

I'm also not sure, if you need "onready" for these variables.

answered May 11 by whiteshampoo (976 points)
selected May 11 by gubbebubbe

It worked. Thank you!

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