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I'm using move and slide with snap to move:

var snap_vector := Vector2(0, 64) if !is_jumping and is_grounded else Vector2.ZERO
total_velocity = move_and_slide_with_snap(velocity * delta, snap_vector, Vector2.UP, true, 4, rad2deg(max_slope))

If I'm moving up a slope, I move slower, and if I move down a slope, I move faster. Not only that, but I move faster/slower at different slope angles. I'd prefer to move at a consistent speed on slopes. I tried using the RayShape2D, but that did not change my slope speed (also, collision is weird using the RayShape2D, so I'd prefer to avoid using it). Is there any way I can make my speed consistent?

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The fastest way would be to use clamp method on your speed variable speed=clamp(speed,min_speed,max_speed)

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Clamping the speed variable itself does nothing (I also tried clamping the velocity variable's x-value, but that doesn't work either). However, I think it could work if I could clamp my end velocity after it's calculated by moveandslidewithsnap. How could I do that?

Maybe you don't clamp the speed enough? You can't clamp the 'result' after it's calculated, the best option is to use clamped value in move_and_slide

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