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I installed godot engine and when it starts, my system restarts. I have linux mint and windows. The problem is only on linux, on windows on the same hardware this is not. Here is the video on YouTube (I recorded it on the phone, since the capture programs do not record shutdown) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdo-b4OFPM4 OpenGL I have the version that I need. I downloaded different versions of godot, all the same.
Sorry for the Russian language in the video. I can't change.
права = rights
разрешить исполнять как программу = run as a program

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This is very likely to be an issue with the graphics driver. Which graphics card model do you have?

If you use a NVIDIA graphics card, make sure to install and enable the NVIDIA proprietary driver. The open source Nouveau driver is slower and is prone to regressions. If you use an AMD or Intel graphics card, try using a more recent Linux distribution to benefit from a more recent kernel and Mesa open source driver stack.

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