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Normally, if i have an edit under a panel it will not show mouse caret... but if edit in viewport caret shows through? and i can click on an use controls that are hidden
Does anyone know a way around this? Maybe a bug? Please & thanks.

asked May 10 in Engine by rakkarage (805 points)
edited May 11 by rakkarage

Both Works.tscn and Not.tscn behave the same for me. The caret is not visible as long as it is behind the ColorRect. I did not make any changes to your project.

Thanks for looking. I mean the mouse cursor caret like this:

I see. That cursor shape is called "ibeam". The "caret" is the line at the cursor position while the TextEdit is focused. Sadly I don't know how to fix your problem. :( Somehow the Viewport-Container gets the input event all the time, even when the ColorRect is on top, while the ColorRect itself seems to never get any gui_input. Might be a bug. Either way it's beyond my understanding of viewports and input events...

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