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Hi everybody !

It's hard to explain, I will try to do my best.

I have a player that can go up/down with event "Up"/"Down", rotate with "Left"/"Right" and also shoot with "Space"

If "Space" is the key as the event for shooting:
When "Up" or "Down" and "Space" is pressed at the same time, as soon as "Left" or "Right" is pressed, the player keep accelerating in rotation (left and right arrows has no effect until "Space" or "Up" or "Down" is released)

if "C" (for instance) is the key as the event for shooting:
You can press any key at the same time, it work.

So it seems that the problem comes from a conflict with the spacebar
I use this code to make my player move:

if Input.is_action_pressed("action"):
    #do action

How can I counteract this problem ? I really need the spacebar for shooting.

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Problem solved,

My keyboard can't take lots of input with the spacebar...

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