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I created a project where I instantiate some domino pieces, position them on the screen and set the appropriate texture.

I added two pieces to the scene manually and instantiated dynamically all the combination to see if they work.

Everything worked fine until I replaced my local var sprite: Sprite = $Sprite with a onready var sprite: Sprite = $Sprite

Not event initializing it in the func _ready() worked.

The two pieces I added manually worked regardless, but the dynamic ones return null for the sprite when using load("res://Piece.tscn").instance()

Here's the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ymk5LyABpRFvuuS2O23NGG67xw9Enz6C/view?usp=sharing

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You're calling set_piece before you call add_child, i.e. before the node's _ready-function is called and it's onready-vars are initialised, so le_sprite indeed isnull. Simply reverse the order of both calls and your problem should be fixed:

piece.set_piece(n1, n2)
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