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I found the issue. It would appear the documentation is out of date and the panel is missing, but I manage to resolve my own issue.

Sorry, about this.


I am new to Godot and have been trying to follow a Visual Scripting
tutorial. I am running 3.2.1 and the tutorial is done in 3.1.1. In the
scripts view of the tutorial there is an 'Available Nodes' panel below
the 'Members' panel. However, I cannot see this in my version.

I have looked in the Godot documentation (link below) and it does
mention the 'Available Nodes' panel. Was this panel actually removed
in 3.2, meaning the documentation is out of date or is the panel just

Any help in resolving this is appreciated.


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Hello, in Godot 3.2 the ' Add New Node ' function has been moved to the top of the Visual Script Canvas . .
Changed in Godot 3.2

Also, you can RIGHT-click mouse on the empty Visual Node canvas, and get the same list, for ' Adding ' nodes, after 3.2, I think . . .

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