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I want to make my player sword rotating (and attacking) like in Archvale game (easy to find on youtube),
but i can't manage and maybe someone can help me to find how it works :)
thank you for the help

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I dont found videos of the attack mentioned. But, if I understand your question you can do this:
Create a Position2D as a child of the player node and put in the center of the player.
Create a Sprite, for example, with the sword texture as a child of the Position2D created previously.
Put the Sprite in the initial position.
Create a AnimationPlayer and chage the rotation of the Position2D.

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The answer to this question is exactly what you are looking for:

I was struggling to find an answer myself, so I might as well help any other stragglers out there, even if I am rather late to the question : )

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