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I have just started setting up a character scene and I added a MeshInstance parented to a Skeleton node just so I would have a visual indication while writing the script. However, when the MeshInstance is parented to the Skeleton node, it is invisible. By making the MeshInstance a sibling of the skeleton it displays fine.

I have been checking the setup against the 3D Platformer Demo and the node structure and properties are exactly the same, yet it doesn't render in my project but does in the demo.

I've attached images to show what I mean.


Mesh invisible when parented to the Skeleton Node
Mesh visible when unparented

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Had the exact same problem. Solution:

  1. In the MeshInstance, Clear the skeleton from its Skeleton property.
  2. Make sure the Skeleton and MeshInstance are siblings.
  3. In the MeshInstance, go back to the Skeleton property and reset it to your skeleton.
  4. Attach the MeshInstance as a child to the Skeleton.
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