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Whenever I try to convert + merge a scene to tilemap I get the error "Can't load TileSet for merging"
and when I try to convert it w/o merging the Godot editor simply crashes...
Anybody else getting this bug?

I've tested tileset conversion in 1.1, It works....
I've tested conversion into a meshset, It works...
The problem seems to stem from something added in either the release candidate or release builds because in the betas of 2.0 I remember tileset scene conversion working ok... (it still doesn't work in 2.1)

If any developers would know anything about this, any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Sounds like a filesystem issue. What OS are you running it on, and do you have write permissions to the tileset resource?
I'm running windows 7, I'm pretty sure I have write permissions as I can open up all the files in the project folder and I'm an administrator, I have never had this glitch before in older versions (even the 2.0 betas if I recall correctly)

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There is checkbox down in Export Tileset dialog called "Merge With Existing", set it to OFF.

Thanks to appaa5 helpful answer in this thread:

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Thank you!
You are a true lifesaver! (I'm hoping to use tilesets in my gamejam game)
(with credit to appaa5 as well)
It doesn't seem to crash when it's not merging in the latest update

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