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Hi everybody !

I try to get a bloom effect on a Label.
For that, I tried putting a WorldEnvironment in the main scene but it apply on everything in it instead of the node I want the effect on...

I got kind of the effect I wanted with a theme --> custom font and the outline for the font > set to the color of the text, with a little bit of transparency :) ]

Here is the result with lots of blur and Environment > Background > Mode > set to "Canvas" :

I tried putting the effect directly into the gui scene. and it worked, but only in the editor. As soon as the worldEnvironment is in the main scene, the effect apply on everything else but not my gui.

Here are the simplified scenes trees :
|----|gui (MarginContainer)
|----|background (ParallaxBackground)


So I have absolutely no idea what's going on and it would be great if you have some solutions or workarounds.

Thanks for your time

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